1. LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Labor of Love

A photographer chronicles the closing of a General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Chicago provides a preview of her show at U of C’s Renaissance Society.

2. Tough Luck Review: Keeping Mum About Dad

Sid Luckman, the Bears’ greatest quarterback, had a family secret: his father was a murderer who had killed his own brother-in-law for stealing from the family business. Former Chicago magazine editor Richard Babcock reviewed a book on the crime for The Wall Street Journal.

3. State Revenue From Casinos Continues to Drop as Illinois Prepares for Massive Gambling Expansion

Illinois is preparing to build up to six new casinos, even though gamblers are now spending most of their money on video poker. The Tribune asks whether there’s enough action to go around.

4. Bankruptcy: Pain With Gain for Chicago

Illinois’s Republican National Committeeman suggests the city declare bankruptcy so it can reduce its pension obligations and lower taxes. Read his proposal in Real Clear Politics.

5. Chicago Rappers You Need to Hear

Calboy, Femdot, Queen Key, Joseph Chilliams, and Taylor Bennett are 2019’s best new rappers. So says Fake Shore Drive.

6. Why Are America’s Three Biggest Metros Shrinking?

Chicago pioneered a pattern now afflicting other big cities: slowing immigration, combined with the flight of middle class and black homeowners priced out by well-off newcomers. The Atlantic has the numbers.

7. No Hugs for Rahm

In his new role as a TV talking head, Rahm Emanuel criticized the candidates in the Democratic debate for supporting Medicare for All. Jacobin calls that “the kind of Democratic centrism…that has defined Emanuel’s entire career.”

8. Sono Osato’s Dance With Identity and Xenophobia

Half-Japanese Chicagoan Sono Osato danced on Broadway during World War II, while her father was interred. The Reader tells a fascinating story of one Chicago’s early Asian-American families, which also gifted the city with the Japanese Garden on Wooded Island.

9. The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook Offers a Democratic View of the City

A new book of essays takes us to some lesser-known corners of the city, including Garfield Ridge, which an excerpt here describes as defined by Midway Airport. Editor Martha Bayne talked to WTTW about the collection.

10. Historic Markers Honors Gary City Methodist Church

Gary City Methodist, which closed in 1975, is a destination for urban explorers, ruin porn photographers and sci-fi filmmakers. The Post-Tribune reports the city is seeking funds to turn into a tourist attraction and “ruin garden.”