Swift & Sons

What do you want from a steakhouse? Because whatever it is, Swift & Sons can make it happen. Few beef dens—or restaurants in general—are more invested in satisfying your every whim, and even fewer do it in such a carefully executed turn-of-the-century setting. Game servers will guide you through the experience, from the potent cocktails … Read more

Maple & Ash

There’s a saucy note in the margin of Maple & Ash’s menu: “If your neighboring table has a candelabra that you want, swipe theirs while they’re using the restroom.” A studied mischievousness charges this airy and sexy Gold Coast hot spot. But from the complimentary openers (which can include rum cocktails and endive scoops with … Read more

RPM Steak

When one is faced with RPM’s ambitious—and pricey—steak menu, momentary paralysis is natural. Does one splurge on a 36-ounce rib eye that’s been dry-aged for 90 days ($165)? Or perhaps three ounces of Hokkaido Snow Beef, an ultrarare variety of wagyu ($150)? What about the eight-ounce Colorado bison filet ($51)? Then there are the add-ons: … Read more

Prime & Provisions

Ostensibly, you’re going to Prime & Provisions for a steak, but the first thing on your mind will be the bacon. You’ll hear about it from the affable bartender as he makes your premeal daiquiri. You’ll get an earful about it from your sharp server. And you’ll probably hear moans of pleasure induced by it … Read more