EVERYPEOPLE WORKSHOP The Chicago-based Jazz Collective gather for their monthly night of music.


Don’t-miss picks for Wed 11.14.12 through Tue 11.20.12:


music Everypeople Workshop
Although the multimedia and performance collective was only founded in 2009, it's already released four self-produced albums; written and produced a ballet, and put on a three-day festival in Woodstock, Illinois. Today, Everypeople hosts its monthly Wednesday event at Village Records in Roscoe Village.
GO: 11/13 at 8; Free ($10 suggested donation). Village Records, 2010 W Roscoe. everypeopleworkshop.org


theatre Failure: A Love Story
It may take on the weighty topic of death, but Philip Dawkins’s new play about the three Fail sisters—all if whom die within a year of one another in 1928—is a lighter fare. Mortality has never been so goofy.
GO: 11/16–12/30; $20–$50. Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, 2433 N Lincoln. victorygardens.org


classical Dal Niente
The Israeli-born composer Chaya Czernowin may write shifty, challenging music, but with a high-caliber group like Dal Niente performing her work, Czernowin’s pieces are a bit more palatable.
GO: 11/16 at 7:30; $10–$20. Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago, Evanston. dalniente.com


film Marnie
Now that Tippi Hedren is in the zeitgeist thanks to HBO’s film The Girl, a screening of Marnie, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1964 thriller, is certainly apropos.
GO: 11/14 at 7:30; Free. Northbrook Public Library, 1201 Cedar Lane, Northbrook. northbrook.info


festivals Chicago Food Film Festival
Back for its third helping, the eat-and-watch weekend festival toasts 15 Chicago film premieres, including Whisky: The Islay Edition, which is paired with hooch from eight Scottish distilleries.
GO: 11/15–11/17; $45–$65. Details: thefoodfilmfestival.com


Caitlin Bergh
Caitlin Bergh

Up next in our series of weekend plans from notable, in-the-know locals—a.k.a. people we like: Caitlin Bergh, the stand-up comic and founder of the monthly story slam, The Funny Story Show. Bergh will perform with her comedy troupe at the Lincoln Lodge on 11/17 at 9.

“Friday after work, I’ll pester people with flyers for various comedy shows at the Belmont Red Line stop. I like flyering because it provides a fresh, weekly dose of rejection; it keeps me humble. Then I’ll head to The Lincoln Lodge, where I will work with a group of comics to transform the back room into a stage for comedy.

“I'll be doing the “On the Street” portion of the show this week, where I take a camera outside and interview innocent passersby. During the rest of the show, I'll be laughing loudly and eating waffle fries.

“Saturday, if I can find the money, I will take my girlfriend to brunch at Tweet, where I can pretend I'm a cool Chicago queer. I’ll probably wear a flannel shirt, but it will be cropped because I'm girly. I love Bloody Marys, but only at night, so I won’t order one. Later I’ll go for a run by the lake, just to see how deserted it is and complain, aloud to myself, that summer is gone. Before having drinks with friends at Joie de Vine, I might spend an hour Googling some of the great mysteries of the world, such as “how to be happy” and “are zombies real.”

“Sunday I'll try to hit an open mic where I’ll work on a new, funny story. Then I'll go see all of my favorite comedians at Entertaining Julia, a great variety show run by the Puterbaugh Sisters at the Town Hall. I'll eat veggie jerky, get a nighttime Bloody Mary, and laugh too hard because—great news!—it isn't Monday morning yet.” —As told to Elly Fishman


parties Slo ’Mo
What better way to celebrate Barack Obama’s reelection than with the monthly slow jams dance party. Slo ’Mo celebrates Barack and Michelle with a pastiche of dusty grooves.
GO: 11/15 at 9. The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee. whistlerchicago.com


Photography: (Everypeople) John Sutton; (Bergh) Erin Nekervis