How do you perk up a dull Tuesday? Drink at work!

Luckily, I have a new acquaintance: Gabriel Magliaro, who, with some friends, has started a new Chicago beer company, Half Acre. Their first beer—a tomcat-colored lager that is brewed in Black River Falls, Wisconsin—just landed at Pint, Rodan, Jerry’s 2, and several other bars in Wicker Park. I was intrigued when Gabriel called me about it; I mean, how many local beers are there? For a city this size, there is a dearth of homegrown ale. Business idea, people!

So Gabriel dropped off some beers, and, after a long day on deadline, I called a drinking time-out. Five of us gathered at deputy dining editor Jeff Ruby’s cubicle with our cold six pack of Half Acre. The verdict was, well, mixed.

Nora O’Donnell, associate editor: Thumbs up. It’s girly—but, then again, I’m a girl.

Graham Meyer, just-moved-back-from-DC assistant editor: Thumbs down. I think it’s too hoppy and fruity—and that’s not a good combination of things.

Jennifer Wehunt, events editor: Two thumbs up! It’s fruity without being a novelty beer.

Me: Thumbs to the side. I liked it at first—but now I have a belly ache. Whether it’s the beer or the vat of pretzels I consumed earlier in the day, it’s hard to say.

Jeff Ruby, the deputy dining ed: Thumbs up. I like it. It’s not brawny. Let’s see what Gorman Thomas has to say.

[With that, he gives beer to the Gorman Thomas bobblehead that he scored at a recent Brewers game. Thomas nods. But, before you read too much into this, Gorman also nodded at some spoiled beets we pulled out of the minifridge.]

What’s your favorite local brew?