Keeping with yesterday’s theme, here’s the good, the bad, and the occasionally unfashionable from Saturday. While we’re at it, write in with your bests and from Lolla in the comments box.

Average age of the crowd: 18. This girl, Rachel Plotkin, is 16. We liked her shades.


1. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Finally, I got to see them live.

2. Finally finding all the 30-somethings. They ARE here! They’re all at Roky Erikson!

3. 80 degrees and cloudy. So thankful was I for a break in the heat, I didn’t even mind the occasional droplets of rain.

4. Regina Spektor, who’s too cool for a drum kit. To get rhythm, the New York café songbird picked up a drumstick and started banging on a wooden chair.

5. Stephen Marley. Um, I think I’m developing a crush. Could this be love?

6. Rhymefest and his crew of breakdancers. The South Side rapper did Chicago proud.

7. Lady GaGa, the horny man’s Amy Winehouse. Her sound isn’t original or interesting, but her outfits are another story. Yesterday, we saw her in a superhero leotard and knee-high boots. Today, for her set, it was a silver sparkle bra, black garters, and tiny little bikini bottoms. The guy standing next to me in the crowd summed it up best: “Dude, this is much better than Silverchair!”


1. Sound Tribe Sector 9. If you like this band, could you please write in and explain why?

2. The 10-minute delay getting Rhymefest started. 

3. The planner who put loud ol’ Roky Erickson and his band at an adjacent stage to quiet Regina Spektor. The sound bleed was almost intolerable.

4. Guys in short shorts. Girls in cowboy boots. Both should be left at home.

5. The hipsters rocking bad sunburns from Friday.


Photography: Maria Bianco