In concert: (left) Paolo Nutini and (right) Peter Bjorn and John.

Before I lose my wireless signal, I’m shooting off the best and worst of Sunday at Lollapalooza.


1. Eddie Vedder pulling Ben Harper up on stage for “Body of War.” Vedder did a lot of politicizing-taking on the war in Iraq and BP Amoco. “Think of it as a boyfriend or girlfriend who never brushes their teeth,” he said, of BP Amoco, and its potential dumping in Lake Michigan. “You wouldn’t kiss them. Don’t show BP any love until they clean up their act.”

2. My Morning Jacket pairing with a local children’s chorus.

3. Dancing at !!! Good thing I wore biker shorts so as not to show all the young ‘uns my arse.

4. Iggy Pop bringing out “I Want to Be Your Dog” and letting the audience sing the chorus. Even at 60, Iggy Pop equals hot.

5. The sign language ladies from Friday (Judging from her frantic sign action, she reeealllly liked Amy Winehouse and Pearl Jam.

6. Lots of cold beer! Wonder if I can expense it?

7. Finally meeting the guy with the stuffed chicken. I’d seen him holding the chicken up in the air at a bunch of shows; turns out he’s in the Air Force and it was stolen from a rival squadron. We bonded over Pearl Jam.


1. Amy Winehouse. So I made a big stink about how I was going to go see her over Lupe, and I will say it here: I was wrong. The girl has great hair, she rocked a great dress, and her voice sounds even better live than it does on her album. But you know what? She looked incredibly bored. She looked like she would rather be fighting all of the yahoos over at the smoothie tent than getting paid the big bucks to perform for tens of thousands.

2. Torrential downpour plus 200,000 people equals MUD. Rest in peace, my white Converse. 

3. The three pounds I’ve gained this weekend, all from eating Connie’s pizza and drinking warm beer. It would have been five pounds, save for all the sweat and walking from stage to stage. Let’s all hope the manfriend doesn’t notice.

4. The speaker blowing out at Peter Bjorn and John, right after they said how they’ve been dreaming of playing Lollapalooza since they were kids in Sweden. Fate, you are so cruel!

5. Fighting the crowd after Pearl Jam. But the show was oh-so-worth-it.