It wasn’t as stylish a crowd as Pitchfork, but the young ‘uns did do a few trends well. Here were some of the highlights.


Sarah Chesney, 22, East Lansing
The trend: skunk-striped hair. “I used a Sharpie for the blue and the pink. I’m a student, and it was cheap.”


Rachel Plotkin, 16, Westmont
The trend: big rockin’ shades. “I can’t remember where I got these. Wet Seal?”


Maria Gonzalez, 17, Mexico
The trend: brightly colored shoulder bags. Did you get the bag in Mexico? “Oh no,” she giggled. “Urban Outfitters.”

Maya Estes, 26, of Columbus, Ohio
The trend: vintage dresses and bandannas. “Everything I’m wearing is vintage,” said Maya Estes, 26, of Columbus, Ohio. Check the Howdy Doody bandanna with fringe. It was one of the best things I spotted all weekend.
Lindsay Millichap, 18, of Chicago
The trend: face paint AND swimsuits. Lindsay Millichap, 18, of Chicago, rocked both. The paint is from a craft store.
Thomas Law, 21, from Australia
The trend: the dandified male. The matching chapeau and skinny tie caught our eye. Thomas Law, 21, from Australia by way of New York.
The trend: colored flats. In the sea of flip-flops and nasty feet, we were always happy to see a beautiful pair of colored flats-even while thinking, is this person crazy? These are Tory Burch flats from Neiman Marcus.   The trend: Grecian sandals. These came from Urban Outfitters and were worn by a young lady carrying a stack of empty beer cups.

Jenny Knoll, 27, of Chicago
The trend: high-waisted jeans. Jenny Knoll, 27, of Chicago looked perfectly prim in this pair of Rich ‘n Skinny jeans from Nordstrom.


Perez Hilton
The trend: C-list celebs. Perez Hilton, the blogger, in town for one of the ‘Palooza after-parties and surrounded by a posse of boys. He wasn’t hitting the fest ‘til Sunday, when he planned to see Amy Winehouse. What do you like about her, I asked. He stared at me blankly, as if I’d just asked him to take off his pants. “She’s like a box of cracker jacks.” Ok, whatever, Perez.



Photography: Maria Bianco