After a lull in my personal concert attendance, I’m back on a spree. I think it has something to do with boredom in bars. Bars are boring, aren’t they? Or is something wrong with me?

So here are the shows I’m excited about that you should know about, too:

1. This Friday (the 7th), there is a fundraiser for Barack Obama at the Riviera (4746 N. Racine Avenue). Whether or not you are leaning toward Obama, it’s a great lineup: the Changes, a little local band I’ve been watching for a while; the Cool Kids, an up-and-coming hip-hop act who taps into an old school sound; and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, whose prowess goes without saying. And, because the concert organizers must have hard up before they signed Tweedy, they’ve also booked Jill Sobule. Yes, that Jill Sobule, who sang that terribly addictive song “I Kissed a Girl” circa 1995. Look, the video is on YouTube.

2. Next weekend (the 14th/15th), the Chicago label Thrill Jockey takes over the Logan Square Auditorium (2539 N. Kedzie Avenue) for its 15th anniversary celebration. It’s a solid lineup both Friday and Saturday night; Sea & Cake and the Fiery Furnaces play Friday. On Saturday, it’s Califone, Eleventh Dream Day, and Pit er Pat. Weekend passes are $50, and there are a limited number of single night tickets for $25.

3. OK, so it’s not until March, but I already bought tickets for The Magnetic Fields, who are coming to the Old Town School of Folk Music for a mind blowing six show gig. Tickets are $25.