It started in a bar, as so many ideas do: an NCAA-tournament style bracket for singles. A friend of mine and I had been weighing the benefits of one arty activity over another, with the deciding factor being, well, men. As in, when you’re over the Saturday night bar scene, where else can you go to meet people? It got me thinking: what if you canvassed the arts & culture scene and plotted out the possibilities on a bracket?

Several people inquired as to the methodology, and it wasn’t scientific. I polled my friends (male and female). The marathon training group was a great investment of time for one single friend: she completed her first run last year. But the only men she met were in their 50s. Standing in line for the potties at Pitchfork and Lolla yielded the opposite results: the only guys and gals there were 21.

The guitar class at the Old Town School made it far. Here’s why: hookups from “practice sessions.” Seriously! In fact, I know a couple who recently married after meeting in a class there. It makes sense: do what you love, or at least something you’re interested in, and you’ll meet like-minded people. The rest, of course, is up to you.

In the end, I plotted some favorites on a bracket and whittled them down with much input from my crowd. If you disagree with my choices, do so in the comments box. Really, it’s just for fun. But, who knows, maybe there’s a single dude (or gal) goldmine out there that has yet to be uncovered?