The emphasis of "The Allure of Couture" fashion show Monday at Millennium Park: wearability. Showcasing items from sweaters and jackets to dresses and pants, the event consisted of outfits that were in the realm of possibility from designers Sam Kori George, James De Colon, Maria Pinto, Mi Ri Uhm and Nick Cave, among others. The standout collection? Vatit Itthi. The clothes demanded attention, both for the bright colors (blue, hot pink, and yellow) and for their sleek elegance.

The colorful show created by Vatit Itthi contrasted wildly with the muted collection from Billy Atwell, who stuck with tans, browns, beiges, and mustard yellows. To me, the things he designed strongly resembled items you would see in the biblical times. A song referencing the "seven seas of Galilee" did not combat this idea.

Hey, I love fashion comebacks just as much as the next girl. Miniskirts and tights? Sign me up. However, I’m almost certain no one has ever referenced the Mary Magdalene look as the "must-have" of the season.

Vatit Itthi

Mi Ri Uhm

Billy Atwell

Maria Pinto

James De Colon

Jack Cave

Photography: Bridget Maiellaro