There have already been some memorable moments during this Fashion Week: seeing the incredible Beth Ditto at the Jeremy Scott show on Saturday and having a “gros dejeuner” with friends to kill time between shows. But a fashion memory I will certainly never forget: I accidentally flashed my neighbors yesterday at Dries Van Noten. You see, there were these super powerful heaters warming the venue (the courtyard of the Lycée Carnot) and I saw a spot in the standing section that was wide open, so I hopped to it, and promptly felt my skirt fly up with the blast of air. “Feel like Marilyn Monroe?” asked my witty neighbor. But the minor embarrassment was forgotten by the time Van Noten’s excellent show started.

With a tall angled mirror at the top of the runway which extended the catwalk to infinity, Van Noten showed his easy, draped collection—truly the kind of comfortable-but-chic stuff you want to wear. I’ll be salivating heavily by the time it lands at Blake in Chicago. I can even go so far as to say it’s my favorite collection thus far this season.

(By the way, the Lycée Carnot is the French lycée out of my dreams. Check out how the little classrooms have windows overlooking the courtyard.)

Issey Miyake on Friday had karate experts perform the ancient art while wearing his designs at the open and close of his show. Considering the grace and functionality of his clothes, the karate display was a lovely metaphor.

The Dior show is just always a lot of fun. Galliano looked to French designer Paul Poiret this season, but he wore the inspiration lightly. Galliano closed the show with some fabulous harem pants and sheer Indian-style embroidered gowns.

Isabel Marant is the label all the cool French girls wear and with styling by Emmanuelle Alt of Paris Vogue it seemed very Anita Pallenberg this season: thigh high boots and fur chubbies. I would prescribe that you steal all of these looks wholesale if you want to look like a French rockstar. (The label is sold at Hejfina.)

Ah, Yohji. The word “poetic” is unavoidable when speaking of a Yohji Yamamoto show. The models tread lightly wearing flat shoes to classical music. The show is just beautiful in a very pure sense.