Eight lessons I’ve learned so far about wedding blogging. And I haven’t even picked out the cake yet.

1. If I continue writing about my wedding plans (check out these no-holds-barred comments), the haters may do the unthinkable, like throwing LGS over for Billy Dec’s blog. (He must have one. Doesn’t everyone?)

2. Readers want to hear from The Fiancé. Today after work, he’s meeting my mom and me for the first of many florist appointments, this one with Richard Remiard. In light of our adventures in registering—when The Fiancé walked out two-and-a-half minutes into the process—picking flowers should be interesting. I’ll ask him to comment on this post tomorrow.

3. Re: cocktail hour snacking, keep the passed apps; ditch some of the food stations.

4. In response to my request for songs to walk down the aisle to, one reader suggested “Breathe,” by Faith Hill. Another reader commented, “Not even Sarah would walk down the aisle to that.” (Thanks for getting my back.) But, yes, I would consider the Sex and the City theme song—you know, the catchy tune that backs the opening sequence in which Carrie runs through the streets of Manhattan in a pink tutu? OK, I’m kidding. Sort of. But maybe I’ll find my song on this site, shared by a reader.

5. Everybody has a definitive opinion about weddings. I’ve yet to talk to anyone who didn’t think her band or DJ was the best ever. After the first month or so, I stopped asking everybody and her mother for recommendations. But not you, dear readers. Keep the comments coming. By the way, the rehearsal dinner will be at Eleven City Diner. Any thoughts?

6. A short engagement—ours will total six months—means there’s not much time to spread out the engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette weekends (mine’s in New Buffalo, Michigan; his is in Vegas). So we decided to forego the engagement party and couple’s shower. We thought we’d spare our friends from having to show up and buy a gift for yet another affair. Truth is, we also wanted to spare ourselves.

7. This short engagement has also put a time limit on our quest to find a house before we’re married. (If we keep living in my one-bedroom condo, we might not make it to the September nuptials.) We looked at a house last weekend that Chicago’s real estate guru Dennis Rodkin featured in his blog, Deal Estate, last year. We’re thinking of going green. But some things have to stay private, so that’s all I can tell you without having to kill you.

8. Last but not least, it seems that people do, in fact, want to read about my wedding plans—if for no other reason than to heckle me for sharing them. I’ve tallied the comments: “boring,” “boooring,” and “booooring” lose out to the insightful feedback I’ve received from some readers. What is the Internet for, if not oversharing? At least I’m not as “Exposed” as Emily Gould.

At least, not yet. For more on my wedding and beyond, check out NBC5’s “Better Sex” podcast, where I talk with Dr. Laura Berman about everything from premarital counseling (she says do it) to having babies. And, for the record, I’m not married yet. Tune in next Monday for the scoop on Friday’s Sex and the City premiere: The parties! The cosmos! The hangovers!