1. Yep, that was proud new papa Pete Wentz hanging out in Angels & Kings’ super-secret new VIP space on Tuesday with Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley. Spy other rock stars when AK finally opens its hidden gem to the public next weekend—if you can get in. The owners are being especially tight-lipped about details, but dressing well can’t hurt.

2. It’s been 75 freaking years since Prohibition was repealed on December 5, 1933, but we’ll use any excuse to keep celebrating. Plan B is the place to be tonight, Thursday the 4th: Burlesque! Whiskey! Shoe-shiners! (Hey, it’s a 1930s theme.) RSVP here.

3. Billy Dec is engaged (no, not to another nightclub project). In yet another round of cat-got-the-nightclub-owner’s-tongue, he’s not spilling who the lucky lady is—yet—but thanks to Access Hollywood, we do know his new BFF is Patrick Swayze.

4. Where will Manor and its upstairs late-night sibling Stay get its celebrities once The Hills ends? Nightmare-for-girls Justin Bobby is the most recent cast member to grace the hangout; he stopped in last Friday with some buddies and, according to my spy, had girls “flocking” to him (does that mean he and Audrina are dunzo?). Heidi and Spencer hosted a breast cancer benefit at Manor in October, and now Spencer’s sister, Stephanie Pratt, does her tour of nightclub duty this Saturday, the 6th. We know: You’re stoked.

5. Sigh. The perks and perils of chasing famous people: “Vince Vaughn completely blew me off a few months ago even though I know him well”—Chicago gossip columnist Liz Crokin to a local mag.

6. Save the date: Tennis stunner Anna Kournikova hosts a benefit for the Union League Boys and Girls club at Enclave on Saturday the 13th. The party starts at 9 p.m. (Kournikova is scheduled to arrive around 11:30 p.m.) and is open to the public; bring a $20 donation or a toy valued at $20 for entry. Good cause, great eye candy.

7. What to buy the guy who has it all? Try this for a subtle “I’m thinking about you.”

8. Who knew my wedding would launch a national tour? (Kidding, kidding.) Congrats to Chicago’s own DJ White Shadow—my wedding-afterparty spinner—who just lined up a five-stop mini tour with E!’s Clinton Sparks from The Daily Show. The power duo hits Bon V Saturday the 13th with an entourage of beat boxers and break dancers including the South Side’s Stick & Move and America’s Best Dance Crew.

9. File under “Why Didn’t I Think of This?”: Friend or Frenemy?, the newest book by Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler of The Hookup Handbook.

10. Skeletons of past nights out aren’t the only things you’ve got hidden in your closet. Somewhere in a dark, neglected corner is that snowman sweater Great Aunt Gertie knitted especially for you three Christmases ago. Here’s your one chance to don it outside of the annual family gathering: Only those wearing embroidered reindeer or similar ilk will gain entry to the Holiday Sweater Party at Lottie’s Pub on Thursday the 18th. Festivities include a free buffet of cocktail wienies and Swedish meatballs, $4 drafts, and $5 Effen Black Cherry drinks. The tackiest dressers score prizes including a $100 gift certificate to the bar.