Hi. Remember me? It’s your former Last Girl Standing–turned–newlywed. It’s been a while since I last blogged, and the rumors are true: After seven rewarding years as Chicago magazine’s nightlife columnist, I’ve made the very tough decision to leave my post. My last Nightspotting column will run in the April issue of the magazine, and this is my final post in this forum. [Insert violins here.]

It’s funny: Despite my full-time job at Playboy, which hasn’t exactly been a drag, when I mention to friends that I’m giving up my Nightspotting gig, I get one of two reactions: “How could you give that up?” or “If they’re looking for a replacement, I’ll get paid to write about bars!” The decision wasn’t an easy one, and I’ve loved every minute of this job. There are worse things to get paid doing.

This isn’t a goodbye, exactly, but more a note of thanks—for your readership, and for helping make the column and blog I created from scratch such a success.


Editor’s note: Our sincere thanks to Sarah in return. She’s been a dedicated reporter who has brought a lively, authoritative voice to the beat, and we’re lucky to have benefited from her expertise and enthusiasm. But someone’s got to do the drinking. We’ve been waiting to spill the beans on what’s next until we had our new reporter in place—and we’ve finally filled the barstool. Check in next Thursday to meet our new nightlife writer.