The production at this morning’s Chanel show at the Grand Palais was so good that I wondered to myself: what they will do next year—land a helicopter on the stage?

I’m going with the Broadway comparison because there was this pretty, functioning carousel (Carousel is my favorite of all the Rodgers and Hammerstein œuvre), and we even got to see Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha dance a little! It was less Brigadoon and more Grease, though. (Watch to the end of the video at the bottom of this post—she does a little hand jive.)

After the girls modeled their looks, they hopped onto the carousel one by one. Then, it started spinning.

Coco Rocha, who was famously discovered while Irish step-dancing

I was happy to see fun leg wear at the Chanel show. During Fashion Week, I suffer from outfit envy—there are all sorts of dramatic, beautifully tailored coats that I love, both on the runway and on the editors. But it’s really hard to get the effect of a Givenchy or Alaia coat unless you’re buying the real thing. If the price is right for these Chanel tights, I will totally consider walking into the Chanel store and buying the lace ones with the opaque black back. Then I’m just a pair of two-tone heels away from this black-sweater-and-jean-skirt look. Hey, do those two-tone shoes ever go on sale?


Photography: Elisabeth Fourmont