A roundup of some favorite shows from yesterday and today

Andrew Gn
What smart designer isn’t delving into the shoes and handbags these days? Gn’s amazing jewel-toned heels had my full attention. The ’60s-style ballgowns weren’t bad either.


Costume National
Great neon/taupe color palette. Great audience:  Saw Mick Jagger and L’wen Scott on the way in. Sat across from Kayne West.

Christian Lacroix
Like many designers who live in France, Lacroix seemed to draw inspiration from African immigrants who abandon their country for Paris but hold onto their homeland garb, walking the gray Paris streets in bright dresses and matching turbans. Lacroix’s lady was half Parisian sophisticate, half Parisian bobo. The look was completed with exaggerated, colorful turbans. 

At Wunderkind, there were a lot of Prada and Balenciaga influences. And, most happily, there was breakfast—very nice, since most people had been partying at Colette and Paris Paris until late the night before.