Watching the work of your fashion heroes during this week is fun, but even more fun is discovering new people who inspire. Here’s a look back at the three steps it took for me to fall in love with the so-new-she’s-still-unsigned French singer Soko.

STEP 1: Tuesday night, I took my friend Sened to the Jeremy Scott/Colette party at Elysée Montmartre.

You couldn’t swing your vintage handbag without bumping into someone famous, someone almost famous, or someone who looked like they should be famous. But one girl standing nearby stood out. Sened nudged me and said, “That’s Soko, the singer. She’s good.” Since Sened is known for his impeccable music taste, I listened up, and I went up to ask if I could take her picture.

STEP 2: Thursday morning, I was at the Stella show, liking a song so much I had to record it on video so I could ask my friends what it was (you can check it out on my personal blog). 

STEP 3: Yesterday, The New York Times ran a great article about how a fashion show gets put together, using the Stella McCartney show as the example. 

They interviewed the man who did the music for Stella’s show:

“‘I got Soko, this French singer who’s not even signed to a label, through a blog,'” said Mr. Farsides, whose name is pronounced Far-SEE-duss and who last season, for a McCartney show, used a raunchy Pase Rock song about Lindsay Lohan’s habit of going without underpants.

“‘This is the 10th show I’ve done for her in five years, and in that time I’ve gone from buying vinyl in shops to taking everything I use off blogs and YouTube,'” Mr. Farsides said.

Annnnd connection made. I immediately looked up Soko’s Myspace page; easily found the song from the Stella show (it’s called, charmingly, “I’ll Kill You”); and the rest is history.

Et voila.

Follow these three simple steps, and you, too, may end up loving Soko.