After the Chloe show today, we headed to one of Stacey’s and my favorite shows of the week: Martin Grant. It’s a low-key affair. No Kanye West, no Courtney Love—just people who work in fashion and a socialite or two (Lee Radziwell is always there).

We arrived via my one of my favorite methods of transportation: the Fashion Bus. Yep, there’s a bus that shuttles fashion people around the city, and it is plastered with fashion magazine covers. What, is that weird?

A view of Place de la Concorde as we left the Tuileries on the Fashion Bus

Ladies, the neon color story you’ve been reading about isn’t going away for Spring. Sorry. Behold the jolting greens and pinks.

But here’s my prediction: The idea of putting bright neon on something traditionally chic will grow on you. The hard color tempers the sweetness.

If you ask Stacey what her favorite show is, she’ll say it’s a toss up between Martin Grant and Giambattista Valli. (My coin toss is between Chloe or Alexander McQueen this season. Then again, tomorrow is the last day of Fashion Week and there are two heavy hitters left: Nina Ricci and Lanvin.)

Similar to Martin Grant, at Giambattista Thursday we saw lots of structured shapes in really hot colors like pink and yellow (inspired by the sight of flowers blooming on a desert landscape). I would love to see some of these dresses crop up at cocktail parties in Chicago. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?