After my final show this evening, I walked to the Printemps department store to buy a new pair of black tights. My only clean pair is now snagged, thanks to a run-in with a Chrome Hearts bracelet. Fashion foul! Since I was coming from the Tuileries gardens, I decided to take the rue Cambon, home of Chanel headquarters. Knowing that Karl Lagerfeld’s show for Chanel happens to be tomorrow, the air felt heavy with anticipation. Well, to me at least. To the normal people walking down the street I imagine it felt muggy and a bit cool. 

I stood across the street from 31, rue Cambon for a moment and tried to imagine what was going on inside. 

And? I didn’t see anything. Nobody came in, and nobody went out. Willy Wonka, c’est vous Karl?

Meanwhile, while I’m imagining the Chanel team scrambling like elves on Christmas eve, I’d like to give you my three very unscientific theories about the Chanel show:

1.  Tomorrow is the day when people will wear their favorite outfit of the week, that special something that they have been saving … because of Karl.
2.  There will be more black ensembles tomorrow than on any other day (and reader, trust me, there is already a lot of black) … because of Karl. 
3.  If there’s ever a time for lace, pearls, Chrome Hearts jewelry, and velvet at 10 a.m., it’s at the Chanel show … because Karl likes it that way.

Not five minutes ago, a friend texted and asked, “How insanely early does one have to show up for Chanel?”  I told her I would get there at 10:15. The invite says 10:30.  To arrive 15 minutes early is unusual for fashion shows—they almost always start half an hour late.

What can I say? There’s something about Chanel that brings out the decorum in people.