Dior is one of the few shows where the models walk the way people imagine fashion models walk—all attitude, like Derek Zoolander. I watched with surprise as the big name girls, usually so cool on the catwalk, strutted and pranced. Each one put her own bit of flair into her final pose for the photogs—a coquettish popped shoulder here, an arm sliding from hip to thigh there. It was super fun. And all the more fun because the clothes this season were excellent.

Transparency is becoming the breakaway trend for Spring ’09, and Galliano sent out some terrific flouncing short skirts, reminiscent of 80’s Alaia, and then long dresses at the end that the models held with both hands and swished as they walked. The designer’s very loose starting point for inspiration was tribal. This explained the colors and the crazy shoes with fertility symbols on the heels.

The show began fittingly with a movie screen projection of the Dior logo above the catwalk while stringed instruments played. The whole thing made me think of cinema. And at the end, the audience actually cheered.