Fashion week is strange. Months and months of work go into a show that happens once and lasts 15 minutes. (After Calvin Klein, I saw some PR girls dramatically collapsing into each other, saying, "It’s over, it’s really over."). Seeing celebrities starts to feel quite natural, and the fashion people you see every day start to feel like family—albeit a strange sort of family that follows you around every day but rarely speaks to you.

With a bit of time to kill between Cynthia Rowley and Calvin Klein yesterday, I went to Jamba Juice and saw two models getting drinks. One was Amanda Laine (I wasn’t positive it was her until her juice was ready and they called her name). I have never actually met Amanda, but I did chat with her father outside of Dries Van Noten in Paris last season. I wanted to go over and say hello to him, but they’d left by the time I got off the telephone. Another missed fashion connection. Pretty soon I’m going to be dreaming about these people. Oh wait, I already have.

A few more shows to discuss:


You just can’t get the effect in pictures, or even from seeing it on the hanger at Nordstrom, but the way Doo.Ri’s jersey moves is so great. Now that I’ve seen it on the runway, I’m moved to go try it on. Such sexy dresses. Wonderful slouchy, drapey pants in jersey, too.


After Doo.Ri, I headed upstairs at Milk Studios for the Devi Kroell presentation. Kroell, who made her name with super soft snakeskin handbags (sold at Barneys and Ikram), debuted her first line of clothing this season.  The clothes were lavish and tasteful, without being prim. Kroell’s "makeup" color palette is something that’s popping up as a spring trend.


The Anna Sui show that evening had my favorite celebrity in attendance: Sofia Coppola! Anyway, the show was very cute. The clothes were very cute. The Spanish toreador influence was very cute. The smiling models were cute. Even the backdrop was cute.

Several critics noted the cuteness of it all (sometimes using words less kind than "cute"), but they admitted that it was hard not to like the merch. Sui, which is carried at Macy’s, runs quite a bankable business, and you can’t argue with that.

Photography: Elisabeth Fourmont