If you’re like me and have been following fashion weeks in London and Milan on the Web, well, it’s been an interesting juxtaposition, hasn’t it? Extravagant fashion shows happening at the same time as political drama and a tanking economy.

As headlines told of collapse on Wall Street, the models in Milan were toppling, too—because the shoes were so high and monstrously large. Anyway, now we’re in Paris, and things seem to be off to a good start. I haven’t seen anyone eat it on the runway… yet. 

Yesterday evening Olivier Theyskens showed a lovely Nina Ricci show. In a tent under the Eiffel Tower—at sunset, no less. How’s that for making you forget your troubles?

One of the ways you know you’re in Paris is that you hear the word "concept" get thrown around a lot. Theyskens, formerly of Rochas and now designing for the Nina Ricci label, is certainly conceptual, and his show turned on the idea of dresses, cropped short in the front with long trains behind. He does fluttery and ethereal like no one else.

There was a lot of evening wear, and daring evening wear at that, but where is one supposed to wear a confection like this? Still, there were plenty of styling ideas one can nab—small things, if you looked. My favorites? Tights with an open toe, shown with open-toed shoes (it was not a stirrup tight—just the toe was exposed) and little satin tap pants in creamy colors shown with black tights. Also, chiffon panels attached between the dress and leggings were gorgeous in motion.  

There’s a quiet majesty to the nature-inspired colors Theyskens has been using in recent seasons. Beautiful. 

Now I’m off to Dior, back soon to tell all.