Push: one couple’s brave attempt to travel abroad for two months with a baby.

When my friends and family heard that I planned to spend my paternity leave traveling 10,000 miles with my wife and 11-month-old, some called me crazy. Some called me stupid. Others just stopped calling. But away we went—and now, you’re coming with us.

Catch up with Sarah, Hannah (aka the kid born on the floor), and me as the three of us fumble our way across Southeast Asia and Australia, from the jungles of Vietnam, to a strange island off the Great Barrier Reef seemingly populated only by Japanese schoolgirls, to the sickest bathroom in Thailand. Watch me absent-mindedly feed my baby a Thai chile pepper! Sleep with us in our coffin bed in a hostel in Tasmania! Witness the many challenges of Vietnamese diapers! Check back in this space for the next generation of Push. The slog continues!