all Photos: Peter Ranvestel

The scene outside Twisted Spoke on an almost-warm-enough-for-the-rooftop spring evening.

Friday's balmy weather made our evening's mission a no-brainer: Must. Drink. Outdoors.

Okay, so maybe we jumped the gun just a little–temps had chilled significantly by our 8pm arrival to the rooftop at Twisted Spoke—but there was no denying that West Towners were loving their first taste of spring. Some groups sat down and quickly realized it was still too cold to relax outside, but plenty of others stuck it out up on the roof.

All other signs hinted at summer on the way. The windows had been flung open downstairs, where those who deemed it a bit too chilly to imbibe al fresco caught the Hawks' game at the bar. Outside people mingled and smoked. And at least one person arrived by motorcycle.


Nice as it was to step outside without shivering, most people spent the evening near the breezy open windows indoors.



Really nice options on tap—the usual suspects along with some surprises.



The rooftop was such a strong lure—a little nip in the evening air was hardly going to send everyone back inside.



There's a ton of motorcycle memorabilia all over Twisted Spoke. Get your buddy to buy the next round by stumping him on this point of trivia: That poster shows Marlon Brando riding a Triumph—not a Harley—in the 1953 classic The Wild One.



Open windows, Blackhawks jerseys: Signs summer in Chicago is just around the corner.