Latest in the cannonade of shiny new bars onto Logan Square comes Analogue, a combination club/cocktail lounge by Robbie Haynes and Henry Prendergast (of Violet Hour fame). Not to suggest Analogue blends in with the dive-bar lot; given its healthy dose of tea candles, black leather, and deejay-spun tunes, it's in the running for the sleekest spot in Logan Square.

Apparently geeked at the prospect of opening their own shop, Haynes and Prendergast have conceived a gutsy three-prong menu. Two standard sections of craft draughts and cocktails precede a third dedicated to "purls," a near-extinct blend of ale brewed with bitters (read: wormwood) rather than hops. A Cajun-style dinner menu by Alfredo Nogueira (formerly of Rootstock) offers equally quirky small plates (check out the Lousiana-style Scotch egg below). 

Though Haynes and Prendergast seem to fancy Analogue an under-the-radar shop—they haven't even posted an address in the storefront, let alone proper signage—the secret is out. As early as opening weekend, the place was crawling with Chicago's craft cocktail enthusiasts. From the looks of it, they welcomed their newest neighborhood spot with open arms and mouths.