On Friday, Chicagoland columnist and radio personality Mark Bazer returned to the wonderfully divey Hideout for his monthly Interview Show—a self-described "talk show in a bar" where guests enjoy live conversation and craft libations. This month's interviewees were novelist Charles Blackstone, Lagunitas brewmaster Tony Magee, and for the second time since the show's 2008 launch, teen fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson (most recently of Rookie Yearbook 2 fame).

Bazer and his guests gabbed about Web zines as social levelers (Gevinson), parallels between wine and literature (Blackstone), and future potential for big-biz commercialization of marijuana (Magee—Lagunitas won't be getting involved). Chicago folk singer Rebecca Rego (another Interview Show alum) rounded out the evening with some characteristically dazzling crooning before guests retreated to the bar for book signings and draught beer (Magee's Little Sumpin' Sumpin' was, of course, on tap).

We've got a handful of photos to relay the fun, but keep an eye on Mark Bazer's YouTube channel too—he's been known to upload videos of the Interview Show for those who missed out. The next live show is January 3 at 6:30 p.m. at The Hideout, with guests including chef Paul Kahan and folk singer Robbie Fulks.