Wicker Park was certainly not lacking in sports bars or tacos. A Tex-Mex sports bar, however, seemed an untapped market. That all changed when High Noon Saloon hit the scene earlier this month.

The previous People Tapas Lounge space has been remade into a faux rustic saloon intended to recall the Old West. The décor is black-and-white artwork, tufted leather banquettes, and denim-colored damask wallpaper. The drinks include handmade margaritas and more than 30 tequilas and mezcals. As for vittles, there are homemade tamales, flautas, and guacamoles courtesy of a former Frontera Grill chef.

The authenticity, however, stops there: Forty craft beers and 11 flatscreens, showing Illini and Blackhawks’ games whenever possible, are a conspicuous reminder that this is, in fact, Chicago—not Cheyenne.