Crobar didn’t quite make it to legal drinking age—after 19 years in business, the clubbing institution closed in April for renovations—but its heir, The Vibe, debuted Saturday with a party atmosphere and a familiar line out the door. “We’re going for a diverse mix—a broad cross-section, not unlike the city,” says the longtime owner Joey Vartanian. “We’re changing the vibe.” And about that name: “The Vibe” refers strictly to the weekly DJ-driven dance party on Saturday nights; the space itself is now called Kingsbury Hall (1543 N. Kingsbury St.; 312-266-1900) and, as of August, will function as a live-music venue other nights of the week. (For now, the spot is open to the public only on Saturdays and for occasional events, including an appearance by Common this Friday tied to his new movie, Just Right; tickets are $20.) Our photographer was on-site Saturday to check out the vibe and The Vibe; browse the photos below.