Photo: Peter Ranvestel

A “TV Dinner” ($14) served up on a tray straight outta Alcatraz: fried chicken, potatoes, corn and dessert.

A self-described upscale sports tavern and lounge, Lincoln Park’s Tommy Knuckles (433 W. Diversey Pkwy., 773-248-3230) makes way for a mixed crowd of tuxedo-clad wedding partiers and hoops fans watching the Knicks go down. You’ll be hard-pressed not to nibble on nostalgia with classic American comfort food (served TV dinner-style) in the company of framed silver-screen icons grinning down from the walls.

A wood-burning oven chars flatbread pizzas and fan-favorite burgers just right. Be sure to pace out the sweet, bourbony Harlem Shake cocktails so you make it to the 11:00 DJ set.