Dear The Whistler,
We love your finely crafted cocktails at ridiculously recession-proof prices, but shuffling our feet on the sidewalk as we wait to get into what’s essentially a neighborhood bar can feel just plain silly. Enter Bonny’s (2417 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-486-8480), a black-as-stout 4 a.m. dive just a few paces south on Milwaukee, which quietly reopened under the management of the Boiler Room guys earlier this month. Pros: plenty of seats for Logan Square hipsters, no beer over $5 (from PBR to Wittekerke), that so-late-it’s-early last call. Cons: a 10 p.m. opening time, a faint eau de basement, and that so-late-it’s-trouble last call. Don’t get us wrong, The Whistler: We still love you. Sometimes we just want to see other beers. (Browse our photos of Bonny’s below.)


Photography: Jeff Schear