Mechelen, Belgium Convent (Window Views) by Carey Primeau

Local photog and friend of historical landmarks Carey Primeau has a knack for making crumbling walls and piles of garbage look beautiful (as displayed in our February roundup of Flickr greats in a haunting photo of a deserted classroom from Chicago’s Jacob Riis Elementary School).

Primeau recently expanded beyond Chicago’s disregarded treasures and traveled through Europe visiting abandoned buildings destined to be forgotten by history. Refusing to let that happen, he photographed the disintegrating spaces and came back with a set of photos that are must-sees for history, architecture, and photo enthusiasts alike. The show, Neglected Beauty, will be on display at the Tapestry Center (3824 W. Irving Park Rd.) through May 3rd, with an opening reception will be held at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow.