We’re taking you all the way back to elementary school this morning.

Remember those Scholastic book order forms from which you’d procure the latest copies of The Hardy Boys and The Baby-Sitters Club? Remember the feature on the back of the form where you had to look at a detail photo and guess the item? Try this one.

“Surely it’s a juicy, delicious, giant nectarine reminiscent of a lazy summer afternoon,” you think to yourself. Well, you’d be wrong.

It’s one of the gaudily gorgeous “Paintings Below Zero” from the Museum of Modern Ice Chicago, on display now at Millennium Park. The colorful ice wall is artist Gordon Halloran’s largest installation to date, measuring 95 feet long and nearly 12 feet tall and drawing inspiration from the city’s skyline.

If you feel like braving the frigid cold to go stare at an ice wall (like Flickr users Andrew Farnham and Audrey did), drop by Millennium Park. The exhibit runs through February 29th.

The only color I found on a foggy Chicago morning by Audrey

Museum of Modern Ice Chicago by Andrew Farnham