One of the more genius uses of Flickr we’ve encountered: a presidential candidate sets up an account and, over the course of the year, steadily posts almost 15,000 photos shot at various events by thousands of users across the country. That candidate? Barack Obama. The wide range of photos includes your run-of-the-mill crowd shots, insightful behind-the-scenes peeks into campaign life, and quite a few downright artsy photographic dedications. We had hoped to find the same from the other candidates—but no dice, save for Mike Huckabee‘s paltry sum of about 1,600 shots. Regardless of your political leanings, do peruse the extensive photostream, as the pictures give an unprecedented and unedited look into the historic campaign.

Below is a shot from the Obama photostream from a March 2007 party held by the group NW Suburbs of Chicago for Obama. Happy Super Tuesday, everyone, and get out the vote.