The window display at the Apple store on Michigan Avenue

… and speaking at an Apple store near you!

Photo Editor Brittney Blair will host a photography discussion on Monday, February 11th at 7 p.m., as part of the Michigan Avenue Apple store‘s Aperture Pro-Workshop series. She will discuss best ways to break into photography, how to catch a photo editor’s attention, and steps to landing your dream assignment. Aside from being fun and lovely, Brittney kicks all kinds of ass at her job and has been recognized by our parent company, Tribune, for spearheading the Photography Issue in December 2006.

She sits two cubes over, and I heard her say something about “cookies” at the presentation. I’m not sure if she is bringing some or what, but cookies + apple store + photography + our kooky photo editor = good times (and possible job leads).

Join us Monday!


Photograph: Nathan Kirkman