The day of the South Side Irish Parade: the only day of the year you’ll see hundreds of white people on the Red Line south of 35th Street. Photo by Stormin’ Norman

If you’re Irish like me—and a South Sider to boot—you know that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just a day. Basically, the entire month of March is St. Paddy’s Day. The festivities generally kick off with the South Side Irish Parade, which was held this past Sunday.

To get you in the spirit of celebration, we present a collection of photos from South Side Irish Parades—from this year as well as from years past. If you really want to get into the mood, enjoy the photos while drinking a green Miller Lite and listening to the official South Side Irish song.

There is something comforting about knowing that at least once a year Leprechauns go on sale two-for-one. Chasing rainbows to catch the little buggers gets pretty tiring. Photo by rolandin

I’d like to propose a comparison of parades that involve men in skirts. My money is on the South Side Irish Parade having more than the Gay Pride Parade. Photo by bangbangerang

Flickr user sheazo captured the money shot: Irish flag in one pocket, bottle of booze in the other—an Irish girl’s dream man.

This year the Chicago Police Department said there would be a zero tolerance policy for drinking in public. I don’t think that panned out so well. Photo by Stormin’ Norman