Uncle Fatty's decks the halls for Halloween
Uncle Fatty’s decks the halls for Halloween.


Scary decorations in Uncle Fatty'sEver wondered what $10,000 in Halloween decorations looks like? Neither had I, until I got an alert last week from the Lincoln Park bar and cover band venue Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort claiming that’s how much the spot had spent to lure this year’s faux Snookis and Antoine Dodsons away from their Halloween house parties. I have to admit, I was intrigued. Uncle Fatty’s motto seems to be something along the lines of “Go big or go home” (over Labor Day weekend, they created a 100-gallon fishbowl cocktail, and plans are underway to transform the entire place into a working snow globe for the holidays), and I was curious to see how many Cobwebs in a Can it takes to execute a “Terror Island 3” theme. Based on these photos of the unveiling, I’m guessing it’s something better experienced in person, with the lights dimmed and the music pumping. Check Fatty’s website for the bar’s full lineup of spooktacular events; my pick is Schair Wars (try saying that three times fast) on the big day itself, when ten salons will compete in a Tim Burton–themed hairdo contest for a $1,000 prize.