Summer Lovin’-what a great time!  First let me say that, based on past experience, I already knew Chicago magazine knows how to throw quite a shindig. But this one really lived up to all of the hype. 
Although the obvious focus was on the fabulous singles featured at this event, I must say, the food was great (I’m sure the drinks were, too, but I’m not a drinker).  I am a semi-vegetarian (I still eat some seafood), and not only did I find plenty to eat, but I found plenty of great things to eat. Big ups to California Pizza Kitchen and the Signature Room.
I took my sister, Monika, and my good friend, Doni, to the party with me, and aside from the inevitable foot pain that we all experienced from standing too long in our fabulous party heels, we had so much fun. 
[CLTV’s “Metromix” host] Summer Jackson’s brief introductions of the singles was very nice, and I felt that I knew a little more about each person when she was done. I have to say, though, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that by being placed on a Singles pedestal and declared an official “catch” at an event filled with more than 600 people, it’s probably going to make it that much more difficult for guys to approach me… But I digress.
The venue was beautiful, the people looked great, the weather was perfect, and as for me, I was fabulous!