The Chicago home market has been hot recently. The super-fast sales and multiple offers happening all over the city and suburbs just proves the point of our big cover package in April: Now is the time to buy.

As I reported last month, a lot of the fire is coming from a combination of a shortage of homes for sale and an abundance of people eager to buy before prices rise too much.

Some agents say the frenzy has died down a bit as more sellers have put their homes on the market, but it’s still a rapid-fire game in many neighborhoods. But you know that: you’ve been paying attention. So let’s play a game called “How Fast Did That House Sell?”

I’ve put together the following ten questions using actual recent Chicago and suburban sales. Take the quiz to see how well you understand today’s market conditions. It's fun! And acing it could mean you're savvy enough to get a deal on your next home.