To mark the Independence Day holiday, Deal Estate examined sales data from the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois to find out how many homes were sold in the Chicago region on streets with names that evoke the spirit of ’76.

  • Number of homes sold over the past 12 months on streets named Liberty: 59  (including two on Liberty Bell Lane-in Libertyville, no less)
  • On streets named Independence: 27 (including the most expensive of today’s offerings, a house on Independence Avenue in Glenview that went for $2.25 million)
  • On Constitution and Colonial: 8 each
  • On Patriot and Colony: 5 each
  • On Declaration: 3 (all of them in Plainfield)

Among the founding fathers:

  • Homes sold on streets named Adams: 75
  • On Franklin: 64
  • On Jefferson: 63
  • On Revere: 14
  • On Hancock: 8

Finally, one man still remains first in the hearts of his countrymen-and of real-estate agents:

  • Number of homes sold on streets named Washington: 214

Have a happy Fourth of July everyone.