SchoolStreet, located in Libertyville

A little more than a year ago, the developer John McLinden announced plans for SchoolStreet, a collection of traditional-looking homes—think big front porches—on the site of an unfinished condo development near the shopping district in Libertyville.

So far, four sales have closed at SchoolStreet, and McLinden says that several more will close in the next few weeks. In all, he’s sold 20 of the 26 houses planned for the site. While only a few of them have been completed, they provide enough of a sample to picture how the project will look when finished.

The priciest of the four sales is a four-bedroom house that sold June 20th for $802,681—well beyond the $500,000 price range that McLinden had originally predicted for the SchoolStreet homes. (He says that the buyer of that house put in numerous upgrades that jacked the price up.) The other three houses sold for prices ranging from $525,000 to $700,000, McLinden says, and he predicts that none of the other houses now under contract will likely sell for more than $750,000.

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