List price: $2.195 million

Sotw060407 The Property: This slender townhouse, built in 1883, stands on one of the Gold Coast’s loveliest streets, punctuated on its east end with a view of Lake Michigan across Lake Shore Drive. The beautifully renovated house-owned by Frank James, an executive at Bear Sterns, and his wife, Sandy-is just 16 feet wide, but it does have five levels, including the basement and a rooftop deck. The tiny vintage rooms have been opened up to create a large and airy living room, a big kitchen (part of it in a small addition at the rear), and a master suite that fills the entire third floor. The house also has an elevator and several stained glass windows and doors. The rooftop deck embraces a former greenhouse, and there are two balconies on the back of the house and a patio on top of the garage.

Sotw060407 Price Points: The townhouse one door to the west sold on May 21st for $2.065 million, down from an asking price of $2.195 million. It was originally a twin of this one, but the two residences evolved differently across 100-plus years. The place next door has no elevator and no rooftop terrace, but it does have a coach house and a larger kitchen, says the sales agent Joanne Nemerovski, who also represented those sellers. “I feel they work out to about even,” she says, so she listed this house at the same price as its neighbor.

Listing Agent: Joanne Nemerovski, Koenig & Strey GMAC, (773) 360-3600