List Price: $2.44 million
Sale Price: $2.1 million

Sotw060407 The Property: Far larger than the neighboring ranch houses, this ten-room, 5,000-square-foot home topped the previous sales record for Lincolnwood by $750,000 when it was sold June 5th. Custom built for the current owners, the house (in the Lincolnwood Towers subdivision) has a number of elegant touches, such as jets that spray arcs of water over the swimming pool and wrought-iron fixtures adorning the windows on the façade. “It’s like being at Bellagio in Las Vegas,” says Cam Benson, the sales agent representing the sellers (whom she would not identify). The master bath, featured on HGTV and in several magazines, has walnut cabinetry and granite floors. “It is so nice, you could have a party in there,” says Benson. “Just the hinges on the doors were about $67 each.” She says the sellers decided to move back to downtown Chicago because they “missed the lifestyle.”

Price Points: The next-highest Lincolnwood home sale price on record with the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois is $1.35 million, for a house a few blocks away that was sold in September 2006. The step up to this one is huge-55 percent more than that earlier sale-but Benson says it has little to do with the market in town. “We have several new custom-built homes in Lincolnwood that are worth about as much,” she says, but the people who commissioned them are still living in them. If sold today, those houses might also break the $2-million barrier.

Buyers: Not yet listed in public records

Listing Agent: Cam Benson, Coldwell Banker, (773) 467-5300