This is one of two homes still for sale. A sign on the front of the house says it’s in the bank’s hands. The developer’s website says a sale is pending.

The other home still for sale is in a semi-isolated area that is tucked between the South Branch of the Chicago River and the Stevenson Expressway.

List Price: $1,000,000
Sale Price: $910,000
The Property: Situated on a double lot and with an in-ground pool, this new brick house is one of at least three homes with those same specifications in Bridgeport. Of the three houses, only one—the house featured today—has been sold; the other two are still for sale, and one of them has a sign on the front that says it is now in the hands of a bank. All three residences were built by the developer Anthony DeGrazia. According to YoChicago and Chicago Real Estate Daily, DeGrazia has, over the last few months, cancelled some projects and had others foreclosed on.


Just a block and a half from U.S. Cellular Field, this 13-room, 5,000-square-foot house sits on a lot that is 50 feet wide and 141 feet deep (a standard single lot is 25 feet by 125 feet). The house has five bedrooms, four-plus baths, two full kitchens, and, according to the listing sheet, a pool with a water slide. An in-ground pool is not unheard of in Bridgeport; in fact, there is one a few years older several doors down from this one. But it is rare to find a Chicago builder with three houses all built speculatively with backyard pools—and all on doublewide lots.


The three DeGrazia houses are not immediate neighbors. This house is one of several new residences that went up on a block of former industrial land; it sits in a neighborhood known as Wentworth Gardens (for some nearby CHA housing), though the area is now generally considered a southern section of Bridgeport. One of the two DeGrazia homes that remain for sale is in a central Bridgeport location, and the other is in a semi-isolated area that is tucked between the South Branch of the Chicago River and the Stevenson Expressway. (While that location technically puts this third house in Pilsen, it functionally has a more direct connection to Bridgeport.) That house has the Stevenson as its immediate southern neighbor and a mix of industrial and older residential properties nearby.

Several calls to DeGrazia and to his Vision Group were not returned. The buyers of this house are not yet identified in public records of the sale, which closed May 20th.

Price Points: Vision Group Realty and Marketing’s website indicates that the house-and-pool in central Bridgeport has a sale pending. Formerly priced at $1,499,000, it’s now at $989,000, and the listing says it will be sold as-is. A sign on the house says it is now in the hands of BAC (Bank of America), but I could not get any information from BAC on the status of the property. The house-and-pool next to the Stevenson has a four-car garage; no price reductions were indicated on the developer’s website.

Listing Agent: N/A