A view from the east terrace
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If you thought Rahm Emanuel has had a hard time getting an unwelcome tenant out of his Ravenswood house, imagine what it will take to turn the secret penthouse at the top of 200 North Dearborn into a home: to create what could be your terrace, you would first have to move an air-handling machine that weighs several tons.

But the payoff of that effort and a $2.2 million investment ($1.7 million for the space and an estimated $500,000 to make it livable) would be sweet: an 875-square-foot terrace hidden atop the 47-story tower, with views all around of some of the Loop’s greatest architecture. The terrace area, behind what look like empty window spaces at the peak of the building’s southeast corner in the photo above, would be like a walled garden in the sky. It would be the outdoor complement to an approximately 3,500-square-foot penthouse in what is now the building’s attic.

Buying this penthouse would mean taking on a substantial project, but the building’s sales manager, James Feldman, considers it a value proposition. “You’d pay many times more for this much space at Trump Tower,” he notes. At Trump, however, the downstairs neighbors aren’t condos priced as low as $126,500, as they are here.

Click through the photo tour below to learn more about this potential penthouse. Interested buyers should contact Feldman (jfeldman@americaninvsco.net).