List price: $8.2 million

Notmweek2_3The Property: Built in 1966, this 12-room house overlooking Lake Michigan has five bedrooms, approximately 9,500 square feet of living space, and a three-car garage. Bruce and Betsy D’Alba have lived there since 1991 and transformed the place from its simpler early incarnation. Today the stucco exterior has shapes and textures imprinted on it. Inside, most of the floors have colorful angular inlays; the lake views are framed by 12-foot-tall windows and a 100-foot-long steel handrail emblazoned with stylized human figures and repeating swirls; and the entry hall and living room are separated by a kettle-shaped double fireplace (created by the local design eminence Jordan Mosher) that is sheathed in deep red mahogany and topped with an undulating stainless steel crown. The kitchen and family room are slightly more subdued, the recent work of DMAC Architects. The home’s custom furnishings are also for sale.

Price Points: The D’Albas, who are looking for a new place in the city, know that houses at this sky-high price-particularly one with such an idiosyncratic décor-can stay on the market for a while. Its Lake Michigan site (on two thirds of an acre), its elite street of luxurious homes, and its capacious square footage certainly put the house in the big leagues. Betsy D’Alba expects that a buyer will one day walk through the steel-and-glass front doors “and know what to do with all this, know this is how they want to live.”

  Listing agent: Julie Deutsch of Coldwell Banker; 847-835-0236