Talk a walk around Bucktown with Dennis, and then a tour of the home with Tony Madonia.

List Price: $1.9 million
The Property: The architect John Hanna threw the rigidly rectilinear street grid in Bucktown a curve when he designed this contemporary home for a corner lot. The house appears impossibly slender when viewed from the west (looking at its front door), but then broadens in a sweeping, glassy curve as you walk around its north side.

 Inside, the floor plan doesn’t feel pinched at the narrow ends because Hanna and the property’s developer, Chris Angelou, tucked balconies, closets, and bathrooms into those spaces. Stacked from the basement to the top floor within the house’s big bend are a family room, the combined living-dining room, a child’s bedroom, and the master bedroom. (That enormous mirror-like window is coated so that the house’s interior can’t be seen from the street.) Surmounting it all is an enormous rooftop deck, whose curved edge makes it feel a little like the deck of a ship.

The house currently has no kitchen or master bath fittings, but Tony Madonia, the @properties agent representing the developer, describes a sleek design intended to suit the house’s dramatic layout. The staircase, too, is not yet installed, but Madonia says it will be made up of individual stairs cantilevered out from the wall (with the appropriate safety railing). The house has four-plus bathrooms,  another large children’s bedroom, and a media room in the basement. It should be ready for occupancy by August, Madonia says.

Price Points: One disapproving critic in the blogosphere contends that this house hasn’t sold because of its looks; but given the slow real-estate market, it’s not unusual for a pricey home in this neighborhood to sit unsold for a while. In the past 12 months, just four houses have sold for $1.7 million or more in Bucktown, down from the ten that sold in the year before that, according to the records of Midwest Real Estate Data.

Listing Agent: Tony Madonia of @Properties, (312) 491-0200