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List Price: $4.5 million
The Property: In Lincoln Park, where residences from yesterday and today freely mingle, today’s property is clearly new. But it doesn’t shriek 2012. Instead, its looks as if it might date to an earlier era.

For a start, its deep picture-frame window and door bays and the fluted sills that project from the façade hint at the Art Deco era. Inside, the time cues vary even more. The doors and windows have both contemporary box frames and an older, more traditional flat molding. The floor plan of the main level can go either way too. It can be a long, open-plan string of formal living room, dining room, and kitchen/family room—but closing the pairs of pocket doors that bracket the living room divides the space into three discrete rooms.

The kitchen leaves no question of its vintage. With a large island whose marble cladding shows up again in the inset where the cooking will happen, and then again across the way on a mantelpiece, this is today’s luxury kitchen. Just outside some French doors is its outdoor counterpart, a terrace for grilling. A few steps up from that is a large garage-roof terrace with a contemporary pergola that shelters guests and conceals the view of the house’s rear neighbor, Steppenwolf Theater.

The second floor of the house, where the bedrooms are, is divided between a children’s zone at the front of the house and a master suite at the back. There’s a second-floor laundry room adjacent to two of the children’s rooms, and between those two and the master suite is a third bedroom that could become an office or other secondary space of the master suite. The master bedroom features the fluted ceilings and other high-end millwork of the first floor, and the master bath has paired Parisian flip mirrors and a serene white-and-glass look. (There are six bedrooms in all; two more are in the basement, along with another family room or gym space.)

Then it’s up to the third floor. A library or office is at the front, but most of the interior space is a family room or den capped by a very large conservatory room that brings in lots of sunlight. This pleasant place to bask has an outdoor complement: a big rooftop deck.

The builder, LG Development, used floor coatings and paints that are low in volatile organic compounds, as well as spray-foam insulation for energy savings. Those green touches, as well as the high-end windows, appliances, and technology installations, are part of what Brian Goldberg, a principal at LG, describes as the company’s commitment “to making these lifetime homes, not your one- to five-year headache that you want to [get] out of.”

Price Points: “There’s a lot of demand in [this price category] in Lincoln Park right now,” Goldberg says. There has been something of a land rush in the area over the past several months, with Goldberg’s company and others buying up lots to feed that demand. Several agents have told me that there are multiple multimillion-dollar custom builds under way. Several blocks from this one, a newly built home sold in February for $4.1 million. Also in February, LG sold the same-size next-door neighbor of today’s house for $4.5 million. While under construction, today’s home went under contract to buyers who ended up not following through on their purchase, Goldberg says.

Listing Agent: Tim Salm of Jameson Sotheby’s; 312-929-1564 or