Taking advantage of an elongated lot, the owners installed the pool when they built the house

List Price: $1.65 million
The Property: Situated west of the Kennedy and centered around Grand Avenue, Noble Square (part of the larger West Town community) is one of those semi-secret Chicago neighborhoods some people whiz right past without realizing it’s there. Well, there’s a secret within the secret: a long lap pool inside a five-year-old house that otherwise resembles many of the old-line homes nearby.

Chuck (aka “Dez”) and Robin Pickett Desormeaux, both exercise swimmers, took advantage of an elongated lot (161 feet deep, as opposed to the standard 125) and installed the pool when they built the house. It’s not the only healthy choice they made: they also used environmentally friendly spray-foam insulation instead of fiberglass, and only paints and wood finishes that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

As fans of old Chicago houses, the couple carefully chose a façade that hearkens back to a traditional bay-fronted brick home. The floor plan has a classic feel, as well, with a procession of living room, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor—although there are fewer walls, which opens up the place for a more contemporary flow. As you will see in the video, the kitchen is emblematic of the entire 4,000-square-foot house: while large and open, it’s finished with painted cabinets that provide a comfortable charm.

The second floor is now laid out with just two bedrooms, but the large front bedroom could be divided in two. (There is another bedroom in the basement, which also has a mini-kitchen to make it a guest floor.) The master suite, in the rear, has a gray-tiled bathroom and, past the bedroom, a sitting room that looks out over the backyard and garage.

Dez is a musician who’s eager to get down to the Austin, Texas, music scene. Robin, an agent for commercial directors, has a portable job, so the couple plans to build their next home on a piece of land they bought from Willie Nelson.

Price Points: A single-family home in the city with an indoor pool is a rarity, and hard to price. I couldn’t find any others listed in Chicago.

Listing Agent: Maria Thanasouras of Jameson Real Estate, 312-296-4114; mthanasouras@jameson.com