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List Price: $535,000
The Property: Would you like a slice of pie? How about three? This Marina City condo combines three of the buildings’ famously pie-shape studio apartments into a single two-bedroom, two-bath home. And it comes with a delicious topping: three of the distinctive semi-circular balconies, which together provide a crescent of views of the downtown skyline, as well as the Chicago River and its historic bridges.

The 41st-floor trio was combined over time by Greg and Leigh Furda. They started with a single 500-square-foot studio that Greg’s mother first moved into in the 1970s; they later added two more 500-square-foot units on either side of that first one. About five years ago, says their selling agent, Kim Kerbis, they did a renovation that fully knitted the three units together into the current layout: a large master bedroom and sitting area on the south, a kitchen and living-dining area north of that, and a smaller second bedroom, now used as a den, farther north. The bedrooms are set off from the living area by glass doors that let all the rooms share in one another’s view. That’s about 60 feet of exposure from end to end.

The kitchen, expanded in the renovation to a much larger size than the original ones, echoes the mid-century style, with amoeba-shaped patterns in the granite, light fixtures shaped like spaceships, an asymmetrical layout, and glittery tiles that suggest a stainless-steel modernist kitchen, but with more snap.

The look fits in well with the big concrete ceiling ribs that rub along what would originally have been the dividing lines between apartments. Curving down at the window line and then sharply back up again to support the balconies of the next level up, these braces and the curved balconies give Marina City its legendary corncob look. That is, of course, the work of the great Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg, whose buildings are the subject of an exhibit at the Art Institute through January 15. The 60-story twins also got their close-up in this memorable scene from Steve McQueen’s final movie, The Hunter.

Price Points: A two-bedroom Marina City unit, smaller and with two-and-a-half balconies, sold for $486,900 in May. Unlike today’s property, it does not have its own in-home laundry room; its residents use the shared laundry rooms on the 20th floor.

Listing Agent: Kim Kerbis of @Properties; 312-339-1849 or