Warning: Do not carry this bag unless you’re comfortable being accosted by strangers.

I was enamored by the tote—with a rugged finish of coarse Bangladeshi fiber and smooth, dyed-leather straps—the minute I saw it. But after the umpteenth admirer stopped me to ask where I bought it (and more than one going as far as copping a feel!), I knew I’d picked a winner.

As with all of my favorite accessories, this one comes with a cool back story: LA-based Apolis partnered with Chicago’s very own Haberdash to create a wearable ad for its “Local + Global” project, which is aimed at empowering people through opportunity. (Check it out.)

I can’t wait to carry the oversized, waterproof tote to farmers’ markets this summer, packing it with produce as I stroll from vendor to vendor. That is, if I manage to dodge the bag’s admirers. 

$68 at korvue.shophaberdash.com